Loud and Clear

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does this picture say about how the Montana Republican Party views women. To be sure, it isn’t just Montana GOPers who regularly refer to women in derogatory terms. The Washington post has reported on Republicans falling all over…


Zinke is out waving his sexism around again

Zinke’s Statements  Against Women In Combat Reminiscent of What Used to Be Said of Black Troops

In an article in the Free Beacon Zinke makes some overtly sexist statements about women to try to make his case that qualified women shouldn’t be allowed in combat roles.

Here’s Zinke: “They do great work and are very professional, but


No Picture

Worst Political Ad of the Week

This ad against CA Congressional candidate Janice Hahn is being called the most racist, sexist political ad in history. But this is bad on so many levels.  See for yourself. Youtube pulled the ad, but it is available on the video podcast below by The Young…