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Taylor Rose (left) with MTGOP Vice-Chair and American Lands Council CEO Jennifer Fielder

MT GOPer Outraged Over Harriet Tubman–and People Who Adopt Non-White Babies

by Cowgirl

A Flathead area legislative candidate has taken to Facebook to express his outrage that the anti-slavery activist and women’s rights heroine Harriet Tubman will be replacing the notorious author of American Indian genocide Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. He also shared his views on a variety of topics.  UPDATE:  Rose has since deleted the posts from his Facebook page, but you can see screenshots of his posts below.


GUEST POST: The Trouble With Avoiding Trouble

by Justin Robbins Robbins is a frequent contributor to the Cowgirl Blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @JustinRobbins15  Finding myself largely aggravated by the militia takeover of an Oregon bird sanctuary, I have spent an unusual amount of time researching the circumstances leading…


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A Natural Man

A former Republican state legislator spoke out in favor of a man spouting extreme anti-government rhetoric in a Bozeman courthouse yesterday. Joel Boniek spoke outside the courtroom door in defense of Ernie Wayne terTelgte, a man who repeatedly cited “natural law” as his defense for…