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The Crackpot Pledge

The Flathead Memo is reporting on a crackpot TEA Party end-of-the world pledge that has actually been signed by four candidates running for statewide office of the Republican ticket.

Signers include Derek Skees, Republican for State Auditor who proudly wore a Confederate flag emblazoned on his jacket during the Whitefish Memorial Day parade. Skees is running against the current office holder Monica Lindeen (D), who is seeking a second term. Drew Turiano, Republican for Secretary of State also signed. Turiano is the guy who sent out a mailer advocating that the U.S. turn away all immigrants, whether they had legal documents or no. Turiano is running against current Secretary of State Linda McCulloch (D).

The crackpots apparently even got a Republican Gubernatorial candidate and his running mate in the Montana legislature  to sign.

Among other things, the Republicans pledged to “defend state sovereignty” and to  “oppose, or modify to eliminate, or negate, every Federal law, regulation, or bureaucracy.”  Presumably this means every Federal law that, as hopeful state elected officials, they oppose and claim was wrongfully enacted. Probably the Civil Rights Act is on the list.

Anyway, James Conner at the Flathead Memo has the full story and explains what’s in the pledge.  It’s today’s must read political blog post.