Steve Bullock


Takes On A Plane

Recently, the Billings Gazette broke the news that the Governor had been criticized. Groundbreaking stuff. It seems there is a second political party; one to which Governor Steve Bullock does not belong, which is scrambling to find chinks in the armor of the very popular…



Bullock Bests Gianforte in Latest Fundraising Quarter

The AP is reporting this evening that Governor Bullock beat Greg Gianforte in the latest fundraising quarter. The story also makes it evident that Gianforte his still trying to push the ridiculous notion that its bad to accept money from political action committees, which are required to report their donors,…


jeff bridges

Star Power: Bullock Gets Assist From The Dude 

Jeff Bridges, oscar winning actor and country musician, will be holding an Evening of Conversation and Music in Missoula to raise money for Steve Bullock’s gubernatorial campaign.  Bridges not only has a home in Montana, but has worked directly with Bullock to combat hunger and malnutrition among…



The problem with Gianforte’s “pledge”

Last week came the long awaited and grandiose announcement of Greg Gianforte’s candidacy for Governor, with big thematics about low wages in Montana. But on his first full day as a candidate, he decided to play small ball, showing up to the state Capitol and…


Lee Newspapers

Some Clarity for the Weekend

What was whispered for many weeks in the Helena fishbowl has now been printed in the paper: that Angela McLean didn’t mesh with the Bullock team and did not like the job of Lt. Governor because it wasn’t substantive enough for her liking. The latest buzz is why the…



Montana to Get New Lt. Governor

As everyone knows by now, it was announced Monday morning that the lieutenant governor, Angela McLean, is departing to take a job at the Office of Higher Education. In her new job she will be Director of American Indian and Minority Achievement & K-12 Partnerships…


Samir, two years old, sits on his father's knee as he tries to keep warm Photo: Save the Children

Scapegoating the Victims

The news yesterday was that our Republicans in Congress, Steve Daines and Ryan Zinke, have been thumping their chests about “protecting us” from Syrian refugees who, seeking to escape ISIS terrorists and rape camps, might settle in Montana. They will attempt to block the tiny number America is…



GUEST POST: Thank the unsung heroes of Medicaid expansion 

This Thanksgiving, let’s thank the folks who won’t get much credit when thousands of Montanans are finally able to access healthcare come the New Year. These are the dedicated public servants in state government at the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services and…


evan barrett

GUEST POST: History Bodes Well for Bullock Re-Election

by Evan Barrett

Analyzing historical electoral patterns may seem like an exercise for the back rooms of a university political science department. But active practitioners in the political arena dive into history to find patterns that are indicative, if not predictive, of what might happen in current and future election cycles.