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Deficit Supercommittee Secret Transcripts Uncovered

Lee State Bureau reporter Mike Dennison reported this weekend on the workings of the supercommittee tasked with finding ways to fix the federal budget. Or rather he tried to: I’d like to tell you, with some degree of certainty, which side is more to blame…

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Baucus Bumps

With the failure of the super-committee, it looks like Max Baucus’s bumpy ride is not smoothing out any time soon. He has his work cut out for him to regain some credibility with voters. He appointed himself onto the committee, a questionable decision since most…

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New Ad Pressures Rehberg on Medicare, Medicaid Cuts

A new ad campaign goes up today pressuring TEA Party Congressman Dennis Rehberg not to cut Medicare or Medicaid, which are clearly on the Super Committee chopping block, Roll Call reports. It starts today in Billings and Missoula airing through the week. Here’s the ad:…