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CNBC Does National Story About Montana Democrats and Their $300 Million Surplus

Sorry for liars such as Roy Brown, Jeff Essmann and others who spend their days, with a straight face, telling voters that Democrats “tax and spend too much” in Helena.

Unfortunately for these bed-wetters who themselves are sensitive types when negative campaigning comes back their way, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and now CNBC are all saying otherwise.

Here is the latest national news organization to credit the Dems for a job well done in Montana. It’s from CNBC who sent a reporter to Montana to get the scoop on how donkeys know how to balance a checkbook better than elephants. ~Cough~

So far this season, the only thing that Montana elephants have shown they are capable of producing is large piles of elephant dung, the lies they perpetuate.  The whole thing makes me start to feel like some kind of physical illness is coming on.