Syrian refugees

GUEST POST: Gallatin Valley Dems Disagree

by Rep Tom Woods (D) HD 62  Sen Mike Phillips(D) SD 31 Sen JP Pomnichowski (D) SD 33 Rep Zach Brown (D) HD 63 Rep Chris Pope (D) HD 65 Rep Denise Hayman  (D) HD 66 It was disappointing to see that most of the Republican…


GUEST POST: Legislator Urges Montanans to Welcome Refugees

By Christine Kaufman,  Montana State Senator from Helena A week before the Paris attacks, I was on the Greek Island of Lesbos, volunteering alongside young people from across Europe, welcoming overloaded rafts of refugees to safety.  Up to 5,000 a day were attempting the treacherous crossing….


Fred Thomas

Senator Who Ruined Montana’s Cheap Power Peddling More Lies

This week Senator Fred Thomas and fifty-five other Republican legislators signed a letter to the Governor, demanding that he “do everything in his power” to prevent Syrian refugees from settling in Montana. Good thing for Montanans that the letter was not about energy policy, for Thomas…


GUEST POST: Who Do We Think We Are?

By Justin Robbins

Robbins is a frequent contributor to the Cowgirl Blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @JustinRobbins15

This question is typically posed as more of a rhetorical declaration by someone who already has a pretty firm idea of who they think we are.  It carries, at least in my humble experience, an implication that I, in fact, may not be that humble after all.  That, in some way, I have made an assumption or taken a liberty that is outside the scope of the whatever standing I may hold in the relationship in question.


Scapegoating the Victims

The news yesterday was that our Republicans in Congress, Steve Daines and Ryan Zinke, have been thumping their chests about “protecting us” from Syrian refugees who, seeking to escape ISIS terrorists and rape camps, might settle in Montana. They will attempt to block the tiny number America is…