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A TEA Partier Goes Fact Finding

A recent meeting of the Ravalli County Commission ended with the chair of the county planning board, TEA Partier Jan Wisniewski, offering his observations from a “fact-finding” trip he took across the state, the Ravalli Republic reports.

Wisneiwski said he had a conversation with law enforcement officials in Havre who complained about their jails being filled with “drunken Indians” off the reservation. As the Bitterroot Star reported: Continue reading

They Keep Saying They Aren’t Racist, but…

by Cowgirl

One of Montana’s leading Tea Party figures has posted a photo for a device she says can lure the President.  Here it is–a Tea Party animal trap for a black person.

Here’s Olsen’s post, courtesy of the Montanafesto blog.

Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee

Jennifer Olsen is the leader of Montana’s largest TEA Party faction, the Yellowstone County Republican party in Billings.  She also leads the Yellowstone County Montana Shrugged TEA Party.