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Matthew Monforton

GOP Quits Monforton Suit to Close Primary

Last year, Matthew Monforton, the Tea Party agitator and legislator in Bozeman, filed a lawsuit seeking to require all primary voters in Montana to register by party. His clients were the members of the lunatic Republican committee of Ravalli County. The idea was to prevent…

Josh McDowell (pictured). His event is being advertised by the Montana Shrugged TEA Party.

TEA Party Featuring Anti-Internet Conspiracy Theorist in Billings

Guest Speaker Claims “Internet the Greatest Threat to Christians” Because: Porn, Bloggers, and Access to Information

The Montana Shrugged TEA Party may have tried to rebrand itself as the Montana Center Right Coalition, but it’s still up to the old craziness.  The group is sending out emails urging members to attend an event where anti-internet conspiracy theorist Josh McDowell will be speaking in Magic City at the end of June. The event is advertised at shedding some light on how “social media, the internet, and porn have converged to create the perfect storm” of problems “in our courts, schools, and even our churches.”

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Zinke Votes to Derail Amtrak

Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke has voted for a measure to gut passenger rail in the United States and kill the Empire Builder, which stretches across Montana’s rural hi-line.  It is worth noting that Zinke was the only Republican Representative along the Empire Builder’s route to vote for…

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Four Reasons the Affordable Care Act Is Not Going Anywhere

TEA Partiers briefly went nuts this morning.  That’s because a D.C. circuit court’s three-judge panel ruled that Congress did not intend for anybody in states that use the federal healthcare.gov marketplace to get the insurance subsidies available to people in other states. But the frenzied celebratory consumption of snack…

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Political Quick Hits

Unanimous No Interesting doings at the Hamilton City Council this week. Every single member of the city council voted against allowing embattled TEA Party Republican Suzy Foss,

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The TEA Party’s Selma

TEA Partier Urges No Seat Belts Civil Disobedience to Fight Obamacare Former Republican congressional candidate  is urging fellow TEA party activists to fight Obamacare and “gun control” by refusing to wear their seat belts, getting ticketed, and joining him at his seatbelt ticket trial in…

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Look Who’s Back

[This spoof article about former state legislator Tom Burnett’s new 2013 “study” called “Deceptions in the Hunger Crusade,” in which he purports to prove that no one should help hungry children get something to eat is making the rounds via email. While the quotes appear to…

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Montana Republicans May Have Found Their Man

Politician from 1970s is running for Congress Lost amid the shutdown shuffle was a big political scoop: the Montana GOP has found itself a congressional candidate, possibly US Senate but House at a minimum. Who?  He’s Larry Williams, who ran unsuccessfully against Max Baucus and…