TEA Party Featuring Anti-Internet Conspiracy Theorist in Billings

Guest Speaker Claims “Internet the Greatest Threat to Christians” Because: Porn, Bloggers, and Access to Information

The Montana Shrugged TEA Party may have tried to rebrand itself as the Montana Center Right Coalition, but it’s still up to the old craziness.  The group is sending out emails urging members to attend an event where anti-internet conspiracy theorist Josh McDowell will be speaking in Magic City at the end of June. The event is advertised at shedding some light on how “social media, the internet, and porn have converged to create the perfect storm” of problems “in our courts, schools, and even our churches.”


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The Force of an Ideal

by Cowgirl A Corvallis man has announced his candidacy for Chair of the Montana Republican Party.   Gary Carlson is circulating his announcement via email this week.  From the looks of it,  the Montana Republicans may have found their man.