Maybe It Isn’t Who You Know After All…

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t one of the main economic development plans of Republican gubernatorial candidate, and successful software engineer Greg Gianforte centered around telecommuting as a means of keeping Montana’s best assets in Montana?  With his expertise, and undoubtedly countless contacts…


Lacking Transparency, But Certainly See Through

Today, the staff of Gianforte’s so-called “Better Jobs LLC” has been found to be responding to press inquiries sent directly to Gianforte not about the LLC but about his campaign, as reported only by the Bozeman Chronicle. The development is significant because Gianforte has been avoiding reporting his expenditures and…


Chamber, MSU Alumni make early bet on Gianforte

Greg Gianforte, the billionaire tech executive and religious zealot from Bozeman, has unofficially kicked off his 2016 Governor campaign with a 30-town tour of Montana.  In this tour he will be describing his idea to “Bring Your Families Back.”  That’s the name of the tour, and it will be a charade in which Gianforte will tour the state and discuss his plans for “luring back” people who supposedly want to live in Montana but cannot find a job, and have family here.

There are a host of problems with what Gianforte is doing.  First is the plan itself. His big idea is…wait for it…that people should “telecommute.