Tim Ravndal

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Few Surprises on Election Night

The votes are in and the favorites generally won their races last night.  Walsh, Lewis, Zinke, Daines. Resources were mattered.  Zinke and Walsh had them, and it made the difference.  Matt Rosendale was a bit surprising given that he spent about even with Zinke, but…


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ATP’s Tangled Web May Snare Others

Montana’s head elections regulator ruled this week that American Tradition Partnership illegally coordinated with a GOP legislative candidate, Dan Kennedy R-Laurel.  Now, Montana’s top election regulator says he’s launching an investigation into other candidates ATP may have coordinated with. ATP is the right-wing political attack…

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Montana Republicans Reach Out to Young People

by Cowgirl NPR is reporting this week that the GOP is trying up it’s digital game.  Republicans are taking heat because their anti-science platform and failure to embrace technology is repelling young voters. But Montana Republicans could change the game this week at a Holiday…

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Next Debate Tuesday in Helena

Montana’s superintendent of public instruction Denise Juneau (D) and challenger Sandy Welch (R-TEA) will debate here in Helena on Tuesday Sept. 25 at 6:30 p.m. at the Gateway Center. Welch has been aptly called “the Derek Skees of education” (the comparison extends to spelling errors)…

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Basement Dwelling Conspiracy Theory Party Elects Leaders

Is there anyone normal in conservative politics anymore? The conspiracy-focused political party that was formed during the Montana Home Educator’s Convention of 1994, known as the Montana Constitution Party, has re-constituted itself by electing a bold slate of leaders to take the party forward into the…

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The Fight

Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock is continuing the fight to keep multinational corporate money out of Montana elections –and out of the nation’s elections.  Now, national election watch dog groups are stepping up to join Bullock in the fight. Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock is…