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Setting the Bar Higher

There is much to be concerned about this session. There’s the rightward shift of legislative leadership, the return of piles of frivolous, unconstitutional bills, and the make up of the house and senate. But there are also some bright spots.  A smart new generation of…


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Baucus Took $40,000 from Koch Brothers

I just learned this a few days ago, but Koch industries is listed as one Max Baucus’s largest donors.   The company is listed as having  contributed $40,000 to Baucus since 2005.  That puts him in an exclusive club: with Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann, Mitch…

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A Hard-Hitting Ad in the Wisconsin Recall Elections

For those following the Wisconsin saga, some interesting developments in the Wisconsin recall election this week with the first official foray by a national group into the recall races with this hard-hitting TV ad. The spot shines a harsh light on legal issues surrounding one…

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Just Plain Wrong

James Knox is not known for his grasp of the facts, but his latest missive in favor of eliminating unions and against a 1 percent pay increase for state employees who have gone without for years is just plain wrong.  In an email sent to his supporters,…