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Sen. Jennifer Fielder R-TEA Noxon

MTGOP Leader Marks American Indian Heritage Day by Promoting Lands Takeover at Anti-Indian Conference

Fielder to Promote Land Takeover Scheme at Anti-Indian Conference Today is American Indian Heritage Day, but while many celebrate, an anti-Indian group euphemistically called the “Citizens Equal Rights Alliance” or CERA is holding a conference in Montana this weekend attacking tribal sovereignty.  The title of the conference…

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A Real Gem

Interesting development in Idaho this week. A Republican state Representative was busted for lying about his criminal record and had his concealed weapons permit revoked. But he says he’s the victim – of a sheriff out for revenge after the legislator inquired about the sheriff’s office expenditures….

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GOP Legislator Junkets Exposed

Today, new evidence of the extent to which Montana’s legislature has been corrupted by out-of-state corporate interests has come to light.  Citizen advocates have released documents showing that several Montana legislators received all-expense paid junkets where they were wined and dined by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)….

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Political Quick Hits

New Political Blog I’ve recently added a new blog to the blogroll here. Check it out.  The Bitterroot Wire One of Only 12 Coast to Coast An interesting email is making the rounds this morning.  Apparently there are 7,382 state legislators in the country. That…

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So far, the right-wing has not disappointed us in the 2011 legislature.  As part of a new feature called Nutwatch (please submit your own suggestions),  here are three amusing and/or frightening bills that have been introduced by Tea Party members in the last few weeks….