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Cowgirl Blog’s Top Nutjobs of 2013

It’s been another wacky year if TEA Party nutjob antics. From voting to keep prison sentences for being gay to a slew of racist remarks and terrible ideas, Montana elected officials, TEA Party activists, and candidates brought the crackpot craziness to mainstream politics in an embarrassing way.

Here’s a look back at some of the most outrageous comments, craziest conspiracy theories, and just plain bad ideas proposed by our witless leaders in 2013, Continue reading

A Real Gem

Interesting development in Idaho this week. A Republican state Representative was busted for lying about his criminal record and had his concealed weapons permit revoked. But he says he’s the victim – of a sheriff out for revenge after the legislator inquired about the sheriff’s office expenditures.

Idaho state Representative Mark Patterson (R-Boise) did jail time and pleaded guilty to a rape-related charge in Florida when he was 21.  A few years later he was acquitted of rape at trial in another city.

Patterson was charged with forcible rape in May 1974.  As the Idaho Statesman reports:

The victim, then a 46-year-old mother of five, told police that Patterson forced her to have sex twice and threatened to have his Doberman pinscher attack her if she refused, according to police reports.

He pleaded guilty in exchange for a lesser charge (assault with intent to rape).

But now, the Republican is trying to say not only that he didn’t commit the crime but that he didn’t lie about it either.  He claims his memory has been wiped clean of any recollection of this whole affair by a chemotherapy treatment he received to treat a case of Hepatitis C he says he got at the dentist.

Patterson says he’s the victim of a local sheriff who by revoking his permit is really:

staging a political hit against him, trying to “shut me down and silence me and get me the hell out of the way,” because he has scrutinized the way Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney spends his department’s money, according to a detailed report in the Idaho Statesman.

Here’s the kicker – thanks to an Idaho law that automatically grants concealed weapons permits to legislators, legislators were able to make sure their own criminals were above the law.

Montana lawmakers tried to pass a similar law here.  TEA Party Republican Verdell Jackson tried to pass Senate Bill 279 in 2011– a bill to allow legislators to carry guns–both concealed and open–in the state capitol building.

Birthers Plan Second “Usurpathon” Attempt to Arrest President, Overthrow Government

Birthers Undeterred by Montana Woman’s First Usurpathon Failure

It seems that yet another group of birthers are planning a coup to overthrow the government and arrest President Obama, or as birthers call the leader of the free world, “the Great Usurper.” The tea partiers say they’re taking the President and locking him up in a Florida prison because a “citizens grand jury” sentenced him to 10 years for having a fake birth certificate. Continue reading

Montana Lawmakers, TEA Party Leader: ALEC Must Be Allowed to Evade Public Scrutiny

Some Montana state Republican legislators  and a TEA Party leader don’t want you to find out which companies are still standing their ground on “stand your ground.”

Verdell JacksonDan SalomonRep. Dan Salomon and Sen. Verdell Jackson have signed a letter demanding that a U.S. Senate leader stop looking into the affairs of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The trio are outraged that labor leader Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois,  dared to ask a few ALEC members and donors for their views on “stand your ground” legislation.

Henry Kriegel, pictured here with bullhorn and sign.Henry Kriegel, a right-wing talk show host, former cult member and self-appointed Tea Party leader in Bozeman has also signed.

Earlier this month, Durbin sent a letter to some of the corporations who are members of ALEC to ask whether they were still a supporter of ALEC and whether they backed “stand your ground” laws.

You see, Durbin, the Senate majority whip, is holding a subcommittee hearing to study “stand your ground” laws after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the trial for Trayvon Martin’s killing. The hearing is scheduled for next month.

Durbin says ALEC’s support was critical to Florida’s 2005 decision to pass the nation’s first stand your ground law, so he wanted to know whether ALEC’s members and funders changed their minds after the Trayvon Martin case.

This has apparently outraged these Republican legislators, who presumably don’t want you to have this information–even though several corporations have already made it known that they have withdrawn their support for ALEC after the Trayvon Martin case. As Mother Jones reports, Kraft, Intuit (Quicken), McDonald’s, Wendy’s Pepsi, and Coca-Cola are some of the companies that have dumped ALEC already.

ALEC the best known boilerplate bill factory in the U.S.   It proliferates hundreds of right-wing bills for non-thinking legislators who  take their orders from out-of-state think tanks instead of listening to their own constituents.

Ten Montana Senators Vote to Keep Prison Time for Gay People

by Cowgirl

On Tuesday, the Montana Senate voted, finally, to erase our “anti-sodomy law” which makes it an imprisonable crime to be gay.  Although invalidated by our state supreme court in 1997, the law has remained on our books because Republicans have always refused to go along with efforts to scrap it.

But yesterday, SB 107, a measure to strike the offensive language from our statutes finally passed the senate.  That said, the vote was far from unanimous.  Ten Republicans voted no.  They are:

Nutwatch is keeping an eye on Dave Lewis.

Sen. Dave Lewis, R-Helena (sponsor of bill to withdraw U.S. from the UN)

Scott Sales R-Bozeman

Sen. Scott Sales R-Bozeman

Yep, this is the Obama bullet ridden outhouse guy.

Sen. Scott Boulanger R-Darby (with infamous bullet-ridden Obama outhouse.)

Sen. Dee Brown R-Hungry Horse

Sen. Dee Brown R-Hungry Horse (Pictured rallying to ‘save’ a plastic statue of Jesus.)

Verdell Jackson is from Kalispell

Sen. Verdell Jackson R-Kalispell (Says keeping this law on the books “protects him from getting propositioned on the street.”




Sen. Rick Ripley R-Wolf Creek

Senator John Brenden's got federal cash, poor people should F*** off.

Sen. John Brenden R-Scobey (yep, he’s the legislature’s largest recipient of federal farm subsidies, but opposes Medicaid expansion for poor.)


Matthew Rosendale wants gay people imprisoned.

Sen. Matthew Rosendale R-Glendive

Bigotry doesn't become him.

Sen. Fred Thomas R-Stevensville, Bitterrooter

He's the dog killer.

Sen. Roger Webb, R-Billings (This guy was convicted of beating and shooting his neighbors’s pets Katie and Alli, both black labs.)