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Caught on Tape: Charter Paid Signature Gatherers Lie to Montanans

Remember Charter Communications, the cable, internet, and phone company that is pushing a ballot initiative to make Montanans pay its taxes for it? Well it looks like their paid signature gatherers have been caught on tape telling whoppers. Charter Communications, which has become somewhat of a…


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New Spoof Video: Detox the Box

Primary angst got you down? Watch  Women’s Voices for the Earth‘s latest spoof video based on Justin Timberlake’s “Dick in a Box” Saturday Night Live Skit. It’s called Detox the Box and it calls on Proctor & Gable to “drop the toxics” from tampons and…

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Bought and Paid For

With the insurance and tobacco industries’ most recent attempt to buy the Montana Attorney General race, the latest Tester ad couldn’t be more timely.  Here’s the ad:  

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Rehberg and Statesmanship: For the Birds

This video is making the rounds, and it’s a must-watch for those of us who follow Montana politics. Congressman Dennis Rehberg (I see the Tester campaign is now calling him, accurately, Lobbyist Dennis Rehberg) responds to a question from some kid with a Sony by flipping the bird. Although…

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Inside Job

The Montana Republican Party is always ranting about the supposed fraud they claim is being perpetrated in Montana elections.   The unfounded belief that our elections are being stolen by fraudulent voters is now an essential piece of right-wing orthodoxy–even though these folks are never…