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Caught on Tape: Charter Paid Signature Gatherers Lie to Montanans

Remember Charter Communications, the cable, internet, and phone company that is pushing a ballot initiative to make Montanans pay its taxes for it? Well it looks like their paid signature gatherers have been caught on tape telling whoppers.

Charter Communications, which has become somewhat of a national joke, is a multi-billion dollar corporation which is delinquent in paying its Montana taxes.  The corporation is seeking its own personal loophole to Montana laws, as I wrote about here, in hopes of getting out of their tax bill.

The ballot initiative asks voters to cut Charter Communication’s property tax rate in half–and would leave Montanans holding the bag for the rest.

Of course, the corporation knows this wouldn’t be too popular with the voters.  So it is apparently paying its signature gatherers to lie to the voters, claiming the ballot measure will “lower your cable bill” instead of telling you the truth: That your taxes will go up while their profits soar.

But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself what Charter is telling people in this video captured by a Cowgirl tipster.  The audio has some background noise, but the words are clear.

Here’s the transcript:

Charter: “I’m trying to help lower the cable and internet tax in Montana.”

Montanan: What’s the cable and internet tax?

Charter: “Well its a complicated issue, but cable companies, when they came to Montana, didn’t understand the property taxes. In the next fiscal year, they won’t be making any revenue.  In response to that, they are threatening to raise their rates by 300%. But what this allows us to do is it allows us to put them under a lower property tax. ”

[Then the guy goes on to say, to paraphrase: We just need your name and address, we wont sent you any emails. Etc….blah blah blah.]

Montanan: “No thanks.”

The tipster saw others sign–only after being asked if they wanted to sign a petition to lower cable bills.

In case you missed it, KXLH recently obtained video of another man recruiting signature gatherers for Charter’s ballot initiative effort.

This man said the issue at hand was “taxation without representation.”  He said, “I can be from DC, I can be from Virginia, I can be from anywhere in the world, in the United States. If I feel the need for people–civil liberties are being trumped upon. If I feel a need to assist in any capacity I can do so.”

As you can imagine, people aren’t pleased about this.  Montana’s largest newspaper editorialized:Don’t be fooled by Charter’s ballot initiative

Then a website entitled “FU 172″ popped up, which you should really check out:  http://fu172.org   The Helena Vigilante has a great piece detailing the history behind this garbage, so go read that too.

UPDATE: John Lewis’s wife Melissa Lewis, has sent the following update.

Hi there,

I’m sure you’re aware of a recent story in the Helena Vigilante about Charter’s ballot initiative and my name being mentioned. Just wanted you to know that, while I was involved during the exploratory phase, I immediately recused myself when it became clear they were moving forward with the ballot initiative. I haven’t done any work on the measure. Thanks for understanding.



New Spoof Video: Detox the Box

Primary angst got you down?

Watch  Women’s Voices for the Earth‘s latest spoof video based on Justin Timberlake’s “Dick in a Box” Saturday Night Live Skit.

It’s called Detox the Box and it calls on Proctor & Gable to “drop the toxics” from tampons and pads. (Funfact: Proctor & Gamble is Steve Daines’ former employer.)

Women’s Voices is a national nonprofit that is based in Missoula, Montana.


Watch it here: www.bit.ly/detoxthebox

Get your Powder, Get your gun, and Bolt the Door!

A guy by the name of Matt Rosendale has released a video in which he announces his candidacy for Congress, not by giving a speech but by growling and snarling and yelling, like some sort of caged animal.  It makes me very uncomfortable just to watch it.

This is a frightening individual who comes across as something like a deranged drill sergeant or convicted murderer, who could be armed and dangerous. Continue reading

Momentum Continues for Gillan: New Congressional Ad Up

The momentum continues for Kim Gillan’s congressional campaign tonight. In addition to winning the second consecutive debate, Gillan also has a new ad up.  Here it is:


Daines meanwhile is having a harder and harder time hiding the fact that he’s marching lock-step with Paul Ryan while he’s  schmoozing in DC.  He even held an event with the TEA partier to troll for lobbyist cash.   Here’s the screenshot of the invite.

But back in Montana he’s trying to cover up his unpopular stances that will hurt Montanans — ending Medicare’s guaranteed benefits and slashing Pell grants.

He’s trying to distract voters from these key issue by running attack ads lying about Kim’s position on gun rights.  Of course, Daines piece of crap ad offers no sources–and how could he? Gillan has supported many gun  bills over the years and has been endorsed by the NRA in her legislative races.

Rehberg and Statesmanship: For the Birds

This video is making the rounds, and it’s a must-watch for those of us who follow Montana politics. Congressman Dennis Rehberg (I see the Tester campaign is now calling him, accurately, Lobbyist Dennis Rehberg) responds to a question from some kid with a Sony by flipping the bird.

Although unsurprising, this is a pretty remarkable reaction from Rehberg for two reasons.

One, Rehberg’s floundering campaign is trying very hard to reinvent Dennis Rehberg as some sort of likable, cool-headed cowboy—which is a herculean challenge when all you have to work with is an angry, lazy land subdivider who loves booze and wants to return to the lobbying business.

Rehberg’s handlers know we Montanans see their boss as “that guy who sues firefighters” and puts his staffers on speedboats with drunk drivers.  That attempted nice-guy makeover?  It just went out the window with one raised middle finger.  Dennis Rehberg just can’t keep his cool.

Two, Rehberg’s bird is a setback in his lifelong pursuit of winning a seat in the Senate.  Sure, in the U.S. House of Representatives, maybe it’s just fine to flip off kids and pregnant constituents (Yes, Rehberg made headlines for lewdly offending a pregnant Montanan) and fall off horses drunk and sue firefighters. But senators are supposed to be statesmen and women.  Rehberg’s default mode is more than just a loose cannon.  It’s just not becoming of the Upper House of Congress.

As a lobbyist, however, he’ll probably do just fine.