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Pre-Debate Footage of Rick Hill Leaked

Footage of Rick Hill preparing to address Montanans at last night’s gubernatorial debate has somehow leaked out and is making the rounds online.  The video footage can be seen here:

Rehberg and Statesmanship: For the Birds

This video is making the rounds, and it’s a must-watch for those of us who follow Montana politics. Congressman Dennis Rehberg (I see the Tester campaign is now calling him, accurately, Lobbyist Dennis Rehberg) responds to a question from some kid with a Sony by flipping the bird.

Although unsurprising, this is a pretty remarkable reaction from Rehberg for two reasons.

One, Rehberg’s floundering campaign is trying very hard to reinvent Dennis Rehberg as some sort of likable, cool-headed cowboy—which is a herculean challenge when all you have to work with is an angry, lazy land subdivider who loves booze and wants to return to the lobbying business.

Rehberg’s handlers know we Montanans see their boss as “that guy who sues firefighters” and puts his staffers on speedboats with drunk drivers.  That attempted nice-guy makeover?  It just went out the window with one raised middle finger.  Dennis Rehberg just can’t keep his cool.

Two, Rehberg’s bird is a setback in his lifelong pursuit of winning a seat in the Senate.  Sure, in the U.S. House of Representatives, maybe it’s just fine to flip off kids and pregnant constituents (Yes, Rehberg made headlines for lewdly offending a pregnant Montanan) and fall off horses drunk and sue firefighters. But senators are supposed to be statesmen and women.  Rehberg’s default mode is more than just a loose cannon.  It’s just not becoming of the Upper House of Congress.

As a lobbyist, however, he’ll probably do just fine.

New Ad: Why is Rehberg trying to tip the scales even more for big corporations and the richest 2 percent?

Americans United for Change and AFSCME have a new ad on the air to hold Congressman Rehberg to account for his recent irresponsible votes to preserve the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2%.  The ad running heavily on the local broadcast stations in Billings, Butte, and Missoula on August 6 and 7.

 Tom McMahon, Executive Director,  of Americans United for Change had some strong words for Rehberg:

“Congressman Rehberg is clearly willing to protect tax breaks for the richest 2% and big oil companies at any cost, even if means hiking taxes on Montana families.  If tax cuts for the rich were really the key to economic growth, how does Rep. Rehberg explain why President Bush’s millionaire tax breaks resulted in the worst presidential jobs record in recorded history? While the Bush tax cuts for the rich certainly failed to create jobs, they were all too successful at running up the national debt. For Rep. Rehberg to insist on doing the same irresponsible thing and handing millionaires another $150,000 check they don’t need and we can’t afford and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.  It is past time to end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2%, so that the rich start to pay their fair share.  If we don’t, we won’t be able to protect middle-class priorities like education and Medicare from deep cutbacks. Of course, Congressman Rehberg already tried to go down that road, voting to for the so-called “cut, cap, and balance” plan that would mean severe cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits for Montana seniors.  The Congressman need to get his priorities straightened out.”


Here’s the ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqWoKXb7dB8


Here’s the script:

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Inside Job

The Montana Republican Party is always ranting about the supposed fraud they claim is being perpetrated in Montana elections.   The unfounded belief that our elections are being stolen by fraudulent voters is now an essential piece of right-wing orthodoxy–even though these folks are never able to produce any evidence to back up their claims.

According to one attendee of the recent GOP state convention, those looking for evidence of election shenanigans need search no more.

That person has posted a Youtube video that appears to be an audience member recording of the election process from the GOP State convention.   S/he says the video is evidence of how insiders in the “Old Guard” GOP “manipulated” the party leadership election. The notes on the video say this was done to make sure delegates for Ron Paul were blocked from attending the National Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida.

You can take a look at the video here and draw your own conclusions:

New Ad: With Rehberg in Washington It’s Open Season on Montana

The Montana Hunters and Anglers have a new ad up this week.  The ad says “with Dennis Rehberg in Washington it’s open season on Montana.”

In the Lee Newspapers report on the ad, Rehberg tried to run from key provisions of his bill,  H.R. 1505, which would hand over control of Montana land within 100 miles of the Canadian border to the Department of Homeland Security.

A Rehberg staffer tried to claim that Rehberg had added language to the bill to make sure that the Department couldn’t restrict hunting.  However, the bill specifically provides the authority to Homeland Security to close roads–which would obviously allow them to block hunters and anglers from Montana public lands.

Here’s the ad: