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Angry Whitefish Legislator: I’m Not Hitler

In a letter to the editor in this week’s Whitefish Pilot, TEA Party Republican Rep. Derek Skees decries the fact that he’s been linked to extremists and tries to say that arguments made against voting for him during the last election were “inaccurate.”  Too bad Skees has already confirmed the facts presented in the ad in the press, in public, and on video.

The ad Skees is talking about can be found on the website of the group that ran the ads.  The facts are all sourced, but Skees later confirmed each of them himself.

First, Skees confirmed that he wore the confederate flag on his jacket at the Whitefish Memorial Day parade an article in the Whitefish Pilot.  He even went on to explain that in his opinion, the Civil War:

 was not fought over slavery but rather states rights.

The second fact in the ad was that Mr. Skees’ campaign treasurer funded a speaking forum at which Red Beckman, the notorious anti-Semite, addressed the crowd.

During the 2010 campaign, Derek Skees was confronted by the press with the fact that his campaign treasurer, a man named Rick Breckenridge, was one of the conference’s chief sponsors. In response, Skees replaced Breckenridge, presumably as a way of showing that he did not tolerate such hateful activity.  But once he was elected, Skees spoke proudly of his association with Breckenridge in a public statement to the full House of Representatives.  Here’s the audio of Skees and Breckenridge.

The third claim the ad made is that Skees appears at rallies with people in Guy Fawkes masks.  Isn’t this him in the opening shots of this TEA Party youtube video?

While Skees is busy writing letters to the editor criticizing people on the other side of the aisle, it’s members of his own party that are writing letters complaining about him.  Previous letters by the same man who wrote this letter about Skees show the author advocating for an Arizona-style immigration law in Montana, so its obvious he is no Dem.

Stapleton starts measuring the drapes

Isn’t it just a little too early for this?

With typical GOP presumptive hubris, Corey Stapleton has already started trying to gain control over the Montana University System by sending them crazy letters, one of which is apparently already making the rounds, and was forwarded to me by a tipster the other day.

Stapleton starts the letter by acknowledging he has no right to be doing this, then proceeds by plowing awkwardly over this acknowledgement.
I don’t know whether I’ll be successful or not, in my race for Governor.
Obviously your organization wouldn’t go out of your way to accommodate my thoughts or higher education initiatives this early in the electoral process.  But I did want you to know, and prepare as necessary, that should I win the nomination MUS will be front and center in my policy initiatives.
I will need to know what you’re trying to accomplish, in depth, and look forward to a high-trust partnership with MUS and the Regents on issues from a successful campaign.
After the presumption comes the weird, in the form of this cringe-inducing concluding paragraph, complete with a little smiley face icon.  Yikes.
In the coming months, I will provide the leadership on these issues (and others) so that you now my sincerity.   It is not my style to intimidate or embarrass, and in return I hope you will recognize that shared risks are about, yet we serve in our societal positions to steward these very types of magnificent issues.  Let’s do something great!

If I lose, you can disregard this letter (imagine smiley face icon here or view the original letter)

Perhaps the first interaction Stapleton should have with higher education folks should come in the form of a remedial writing class…