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Exposing Racism of GOP Chair’s Post Prompts Hate Mail

by Cowgirl

Seems not everyone was thrilled to have a racist Facebook post from the Chair of the Yellowstone County Republican Party exposed to public view.

The Cowgirl blog has received some hate-mail from angry GOP-ers in response to this Cowgirl post.  The post featured a screenshot of a Facebook item posted by the county chair Jennifer Olsen of a watermelon/animal trap for a black person.

Jan Tessier sent me this:

You are a racist bitch. Please drink yourself to death. Or better yet—Just leave the planet.

And here’s Wade Briggs:

You’re a douchebag. Who could possibly be proud of you?  Including yourself.  Barf, barf, barf!

Racist pig!

Meanwhile, the list of those speaking out against the Republican leader’s acts continues to grow. Olsen has not apologized nor been asked to step down.

We’ve Got a Problem

There are still thousands of ballots to count in Yellowstone County.  The fate one of Montana’s most important statewide races hangs in the balance, and several legislative contests are yet to be decided. The counting process is still going on now, as you can see from these pictures.

The pictures also show that there is cause for concern.

The first is a picture of an important sign in the Yellowstone County elections offices.  The sign clearly directs that people “DO NOT ENTER” the area where thousands of votes are still being counted. The area is sequestered so that those observing the vote counting process may see the process with out being able to tamper with the ballots.


Tom McGillvrayAnd these are pictures of TEA Party Republican state Rep. Tom McGillvray, of Billings.  (He’s the one in the suit. Here’s what he looks like from the front.)

The TEA Partier was caught on camera having barged right into the sequestered area in spite of regulations to protect the integrity of the counts.



Republican School Superintendent Accuses Obama of Treason

Max LeningtonA Montana Republican School Superintendent and County Treasurer is accusing President Obama of treason and calling for his impeachment.

Max Lenington (R), the elected County treasurer and school superintendent of Montana’s most populous county, wrote in today’s Billings Gazette  that President Obama:

is assuredly the worst president in the 236 years of our existence, a term predicated not only on treasonous action, but impeachable activity as well.

He has made a mockery of our Americanism by his association with known derelicts, the breaching and ignoring of our Constitution, and belittling whomever differs with his impeachable political ideals.

Apparently Lenington has a lot of free time on his hands to write such letters.  Word on the street in Billings is that Lenington has barely even been in to the school superintendent’s office in more than a year, leaving a woman in that office to do all of his work.

For a Yellowstone County elected official to refer to the President’s actions as “treasonous” without even specifically outlining any complaints, seems irresponsible.  Especially in light of another Yellowstone County “Pillar of the Community,” Judge Richard Cebull, who forwarded a racist email from his work computer to some of his good ol’ buddies.  The email contained a “joke” about Obama’s mother having sex with dogs.