Art Wittich

Wittich Seeks Postponement

The Trial of the Century might be moved back several weeks. Tea Party leader and state legislator Art Wittich, of Bozeman, has made a motion in court, asking the judge to delay by a few weeks his civil prosecution by Jon Motl, the Campaign Practices…

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Young People to Get a Voice in Upcoming Billings City Council Forum

Forward Montana is looking for questions from 13-18 year olds for our upcoming Billings City Council Candidate Forum with League of Women Voters of Billings and Billings Kiwanis. The group explains: This fall, we’ve collaborated with Billings Kiwanis and League of Women Voters of Billings…

Justice Jim Nelson, Montana Supreme Court, Retired

GUEST POST:Pope Mania—Or Feel-Good Road Show?

By Jim Nelson, 

Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.)

Pope Mania! The Papal visit was an emotional and spiritual experience for many of the religious faithful. For countless, Francis’ appearances in Washington, New York and Philadelphia were a defining personal moment to be treasured and savored. Indeed, the outpouring of adulation and media blitz put the Pontiff in the rarified company of Super Bowl champions and visiting English royalty.

I suggest, though, that there is also a revealing and troubling aspect to Pope Mania.

Gianforte bull

Eighteen Seconds of Dumbfounding Silence

It’s been a little rocky lately for the floundering TEA Party gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte in Montana. Yesterday we received this hilarious photo of Gianforte’s truck, parked at a Chamber of Commerce event, the bumper stickers entirely blacked out with black tape.  It would seem that a billionaire…

republican party

Polls Show GOP Political Games Unpopular with Voters

Just this. New national polling conducted this week by the Pew Research Center shows 60% of Americans “say that any budget deal must maintain funding for Planned Parenthood” while only 32% say that any agreement must eliminate funding for the organization. The same poll found: If lawmakers…


A Curious and Questionable Pitch

Gianforte not doing so well when when it comes to steering clear of gaffes and ridiculous statements. The latest fundraising email from his wife is no exception.

That email includes a sentence in which Susan Gianforte writes urgently that you should send Gianforte money because

Sen. Jennifer Fielder R-TEA Noxon

MTGOP Leader Marks American Indian Heritage Day by Promoting Lands Takeover at Anti-Indian Conference

Fielder to Promote Land Takeover Scheme at Anti-Indian Conference Today is American Indian Heritage Day, but while many celebrate, an anti-Indian group euphemistically called the “Citizens Equal Rights Alliance” or CERA is holding a conference in Montana this weekend attacking tribal sovereignty.  The title of the conference…


GUEST POST: It’s time to let Barry Beach go home

by Sen. Mary Sheehy Moe (D-Great Falls) Sen. Moe can be reached at Follow her on Twitter  @MaryMoeMT “An injustice to him. An outrage to all.” So reads the mission statement of Montanans for Justice, one of many groups that have been advocating for the exoneration of Barry…

Gianforte fail

First Day of Fail

Add this to the list of campaign mistakes from Greg Gianforte. The TEA Party candidate for governor of Montana used a photo of Mt. Moran to tweet his wish that “everyone enjoys the first day of fall!” Problem is, Mt. Moran is one of the most famous…

pet injured by trap

Commissioner: Trappers Violated Montana Campaign Laws

Trapping Group’s Actions Referred for Prosecution The Montana Trappers Association and an affiliated ballot committee violated state law in its campaign against a proposed ballot measure that would restrict on trapping on public land, the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices has ruled.  Montana law requires transparency in campaigns, including…

Matt Rosendale, who depicted himself in a campaign ad shooting a drone out of the sky.

Mystery Email List Used by Matt Rosendale

I don’t know what to make of this, but I am definitely going to tell you about it. A friend of mine received an email last week from Matt Rosendale, talking about how important it is that all Republicans unite behind Greg Gianforte. I’ve pasted…


Montana Dodges A Bullet, but TEA Partiers are Reloading

We here in Montana dodged a bullet when moderate Republicans joined Democratic legislators to pass a compromise bill that is a private market alternative to Medicaid expansion in Montana. That’s because states that refused federal funds to offer health coverage to low and modest income Montanans…