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They’re baaaack: Suprume Court Smear Machine Uses Lies, Fear Tactics to Distract from Juras’ Inexperience

Cowgirl Fact Check

The choice between Dirk Sandefur and Kristen Juras for the Montana Supreme Court race couldn’t be an easier one: Dirk Sandefur is well-qualified.  He’s a 3-term State District Judge in one of Montana’s busiest and most populous districts –and before that he was a prosecutor and a police officer.  He’s got decades of experience Kristen Juras just does not have. He’s been endorsed by 50 Montana judges, she zero. 

Since Juras can’t run on experience, enter the same dark money group set up to flood the last three Supreme Court elections with misinformation and deceit.

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A screenshot from the video Kristin Juras created in which she, I kid you not, sings a song she wrote about getting owned by the  university paper, the Montana Kaimin.

Candidate offended by “positions other than missionary”

The Cowgirl Blog recently described Kristin Juras’s 2009 activism against a harmless sex column that used to run in the college newspaper at the University of Montana.  Juras is a right-wing social conservative running for state Supreme Court. Now a big flap is underway, because…

Kristen Juras song about censoring the student paper

GUEST POST: Juras Has a Record of Selling Out Montanans

by John Heenan

John Heenan is an alumni of the University of Montana (undergrad and law school) and practices consumer protection law in Billings.  He is the Director of Montanans for Experienced Judges, a group of Montana attorneys concerned about the influence of corporations and out-of-state special interest groups in our Montana judicial elections.  www.facebook.com/MontanansforExperiencedJudges 

Trump attacks soldier

The Nexus of Ego: Putin, Trump, and Zinke

by Josh Manning Josh Manning is a combat veteran and serves on the leadership team of Common Defense, a group of progressive veterans joining together to affect political change. You can follow him on Twitter @joshuamanning23. Counterterrorism analysts shorthand a grouping of terrorists from different…

mary moe

GUEST POST: Bread and Debates

by Sen. Mary Sheehy Moe (D-Great Falls) Sen. Moe can be reached at moe.mt.senate@gmail.com Follow her on Twitter @MaryMoeMT Originally a ritual honoring deceased nobles, the fighting of gladiators in ancient Rome quickly devolved into vulgar and violent “games” provided by the powerful few to…

mary moe


by Sen. Mary Sheehy Moe (D-Great Falls) Sen. Moe can be reached at moe.mt.senate@gmail.com Follow her on Twitter  @MaryMoeMT

It’s a time of jarring incongruity. Outdoors, trees shiver in the crisp air, baring their branches of copper and gold. Frost silvers stubbly fields under a harvest moon. Everything is beautiful with dying.

Indoors, vitriol and inanity drip from the airwaves as journalists breathlessly report the latest in the limbo contests that now pass for…


To Serve Or Collect

by Justin Robbins

Many people of substantial means (read “obscene wealth”) tend to be collectors. Some gather art, or sports memorabilia, or maybe classic cars. Some seem to collect unusual or unconventional items with no apparent rhyme nor reason. Greg Gianforte appears to be in this category.

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GUEST POST: Retired Supreme Court Justices Endorse Sandefur

The undersigned urge that District Judge Dirk Sandefur be elected as a Justice to Montana’s Supreme Court.  He has the temperament and the broadest professional background of any candidate for the Supreme Court—including the skills that are indispensable for analyzing and deciding all civil and…


DeHaven’s Deferred Decorum

by Justin Robbins

There’s a certain inevitability to the gradual decline of print media. Television, radio, Internet and mobile technologies provide an array of choices by which interested persons might consume the news of the day, any time of the day. Newspapers simply can’t keep up; leaving little for them to do, save to choose the amount of grace with which they exit.

mary moe

GUEST POST: Out of Commission: School Funding Update

by Sen. Mary Sheehy Moe (D-Great Falls) Sen. Moe can be reached at moe.mt.senate@gmail.com Follow her on Twitter  @MaryMoeMT

As August ended, so did the work of Montana’s first School Funding Commission, tasked with studying the state’s funding for public education, identifying inadequacies, and proposing solutions.

The Commission was a 2015 tweak to a 2005 law created in the wake of Columbia Falls Elementary vs. State of Montana I, when the courts found that the legislature was not adequately – and therefore not constitutionally – funding Montana’s public schools. After creating various fixes for that problem, the 2005 legislature mandated a study of the adequacy of school funding every ten years, in the hope of avoiding future lawsuits.