pet injured by trap

Trapping Should Have Been Outlawed Years Ago: I-177 is a small step in the right direction

It’s time for Montana to acknowledge that the horrid practice which results in the animal’s leg being crushed and the creature left to lie in agony for days before dying is cruel and barbaric. And yes, such traps also frequently ensnare and torture animals such as dogs as well as endangered species such as bald eagles lynx, despite the idiotic protestations we hear from those who believe the torture of animals is an enjoyable pastime.

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Former Supreme Court Justice: Juras Violating the Code of Judicial Conduct

By Jim Nelson, 

Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.)

Montana Supreme Court candidate Kristen Juras has accused Candidate Dirk Sandefur of violating Montana’s Code of Judicial Conduct.  Since I helped write it, I know bit about this Code.  It covers not only sitting judges and justices, but also candidates for judicial office.


Cowgirl Polling Average

Mason Dixon conducted a poll in Montana October 10-12 for Lee Newspapers, and the results are now being published in the state newspapers, a different race each day.  Based on what has been published in the Billings Gazette, here are the three top races:   Clinton-Trump-Johnson  36-46-11 President …

Corey Stapleton

Candidate for Secretary of State often forgets to vote

We learned this week that GOP candidate Corey Stapleton, who is running for Secretary of State and thus Chief Elections officer, often forgets to vote on election day. According to public information cited by the Secretary of State Linda McCulloch, Stapleton has failed to vote…


GUEST POST – Normalized Ignorance and Global Warming: It’s Time to Vote

by David R. Montague

Mr. Montague was raised in Billings, where he wrote a column for the Gazette for 6 years. He’s the author of two books and has written for Northern Lights Magazine which gave many now-famous writers a start, including Mark Spragg, William deBuys and Terry Tempest Williams.  He is now retired and lives in Potomac near Missoula with his wife.

In an essay about what he calls “normalized ignorance,” Professor Henry Giroux observes that “successful political campaigns are now dependent on an uninformed public.”
How accurate is his observation when it comes to the issue of climate change?


GUEST POST: Cascade Co. Attorney Sets Record Straight After “Ludicrous” Innuendo, Lies in Supreme Court Race

by John W. Parker

John W. Parker is the Cascade County Attorney.  He previously served as Chairman of the Law and Justice Interim Committee in the Montana Legislature.

I have spent my entire legal career as a prosecutor.  Judge Dirk Sandefur presided over many of my most significant cases.  He possesses a brilliant legal mind and a work ethic no one can match.  Now unscrupulous political operatives


Five Super-Awkward Moments Lola Zinke Stumped for Trump

Many Republicans are fleeing the Trump campaign as fast as their legs can carry them. What we learn about Trump every day just keeps getting worse – and worse.  But a few remain, clinging to the wreckage–including Ryan Zinke and his wife Lola.

Lest you doubt that being a Trump surrogate must be one of the most humiliating jobs in the world, take a look at these recent Trump events with Lola Zinke.

At this point, one has to wonder whether this is actually helping Trump–or whether the basic human instinct to cringe on her behalf is the lasting impression we’re left with.

Bill Galt calling Montana stream access law thievery - from Anthony Bourdain May 2016 special on Montana.

GUEST POST: Juras is Biggest Threat to Stream Access Since Her Uncle, Jack Galt Challenged It in the 80s

by Matt Tourtlotte

Matt is a Montana sportsman who has served on the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission as the Region 5 Commissioner since 2013

Montana’s stream access laws are among the most valuable treasures possessed by the citizens of Montana and the millions of people who visit our state each year. For over a quarter century, our State’s stream access laws have been under attack by


Wednesday Quicktakes

You Won’t Believe Who’s Writing All Those Gazette Stories The Last Best News will tell you anyway.  Great stuff from this site as usual.     Poll: Trump falls into tie with Clinton among Utah voters An ominous bellwether for the Montana GOP.    …

Ryan Zinke, left

GUEST POST: National Security Is Going to the Birds

by Josh Manning Manning is a combat veteran and serves on the leadership team of Common Defense, a group of progressive veterans joining together to affect political change. You can follow him on Twitter @joshuamanning23  Far from Montana, members of the House of Representatives are…